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Transforming the Agricultural Landscape with High-Quality Solar Pumps for Irrigation

Solar Pumping

The agriculture sector in India depends mostly on monsoon rains for natural irrigation. For artificial irrigation, pumps that run on electricity or diesel generators are used. It is an unsustainable option that also has large economic drawbacks. A solar water pump for irrigation is a sustainable alternative that provides more benefits than conventional methods.

Solar energy is converted to electricity using a solar panel or a photovoltaic cell. This electricity is used to run water pumps which carry out irrigation. Pahar Solar offers an effective solar water pumping system to reduce farmers’ dependency on fossil fuels and conventional energy.

Advantages of Solar Water pumps

The major advantage of a solar water pump for irrigation is that it reduces the dependency on fossil fuels. They have a very long lifespan and are durable, making them reliable long-term investments. It is a sustainable option, reducing pollution and carbon footprint. It can be easily applied even to remote areas.

Benefits of Solar Pumps to the Agriculture sectors

  • It helps the farmer irrigate when the time is right. The water can be pumped at any time of the day.
  • It can connect to drip and sprinkler system
  • It is a great one-time investment as there is no additional fuel needed and requires minimal maintenance.
  • There are additional subsidies from the Government of India for installing solar water pumping systems in Gujarat or any other state under the KUSUM scheme.
Solar Panel


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Switch to Solar Energy & Save Big!

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